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Friedrich 14,500 BTU Digital PTHP Heat Pump Air Conditioner (R-410A)

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• Volts: 230/208 V
• Refrigerant: R-410A
• Cooling Capacity: 14,500/14,200 BTU
• Heat Pump Capacity: 13,300/13,000 BTU
• Heating Capacity: 5.0kW (with option to change)
• Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9.8/9.7

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Friedrich PTACs are known for being feature-rich and backed by an AC-focused manufacturer. Our new models build on these strengths, with advanced engineering that delivers impressively quiet performance with expanded comfort settings.

Here are just some of the enhanced features:

Reduced sound levels: The two-motor design – one motor inside, one outside – allows the indoor motor to run at slower speeds, which sharply reduces indoor sound levels. Plus, the motors are permanently lubricated for quieter operation and increased durability.

More comfort choices, quieter operation: Our 3-speed fan (cooling and heating modes) has nearly five times the surface area of a typical PTAC fan, allowing for more uniform airflow over a wider path. The result is faster, more even air distribution and quieter airflow. Guests/residents will appreciate having more comfort options. Plus, the soft start/stop fan delay reduces transitional noise usually associated with compressor start-up.

Increased energy savings: Models have EERs up to 12.0 and COPs up to 3.4. Separate thermostat limits for cooling and heating provide greater control over temperature ranges. Of course, centralized desk control and compatibility with energy management systems can boost efficiency and lower operational costs.

Universal heater/power cord simplifies installation, ordering: Installers can change the heat output simply by changing the standard power cord to the desired size. The optional cords connect as easily as a phone jack. Distributors can stock fewer PTAC models and optional power cords instead of numerous PTAC models. (Note: All wiring and building connections must be properly sized to accommodate the power cord. See model specifications for details.

Plus, all capacities can fit standard 42-inch sleeves without the added expense of a baffle kit*.

Comfort and Convenience

- The digital control panel samples the room temperature every nine minutes to monitor and maintain desired temperature
- “Instant Heat” in heat pump mode quickly heats a room to the desired temperature
- Even heat monitoring checks room temperature and automatically adds heat boost if necessary
- Constant fan mode for additional comfort options
- Reversible indoor air louvers for an additional air-flow direction option
- Emergency heat override ensures heat-mode operation in the unlikely event of compressor failure

Quieter Operation

- New two-motor design allows the indoor motor to run at slower speeds, which reduces indoor sound levels
- Quiet, efficient rotary compressor mounted with vibration isolators keeps the compressor running smoothly and quietly
- Permanently lubricated dual motors reduce noise
- New tangential blower wheel moves more air over a wider area for more even distribution and quieter operation
- Soft start/stop delay reduces transitional noise associated with compressor start-up 


- Diamonblue Technology advanced anti-corrosion treatment protects the outdoor coil against deterioration and extends unit life, especially in harsh coastal environments
- Durable front panel with break-proof control door and design
- Permanently lubricated fan motors
- Room-freeze protection raises the temperature in unoccupied rooms to 46° F if temperature falls to 40° F
- Tamper-resistant grille
- Durable, powder coat paint finish
- Indoor coil frost sensor protects the compressor to lengthen the life of the unit
- Random compressor restart protects electrical systems from overload when power is restored

Energy Management

- EERs up to 12.0, COPS up to 3.4
- Compatible with energy management systems
- Improved energy-efficiency ratings for increased energy savings
- Set separate heat and cool range limits to control consumption and costs
- Desk-control ready, allowing owners/operators to control units from a central location
- Electronic defrost control ensures more run time in the efficient heat pump mode

Health and IAQ

- Fresh air damper control brings in fresh outside air
- Two washable, antimicrobial filters
- Dehumidification mode removes up to 3.2 pts per hour

Maintenance and Installation

- Universal heaters with heat capacities determined by the power cord used with the unit; can achieve up to 64 PTAC SKUs with 16 units by changing the power cord size
- Can be installed flush to the floor
- Coated, corrugated weather barrier panel protects from wind/rain prior to unit installation
- A nationwide service network
- Customer service center with expert staff at Friedrich headquarters
- Service error code memory storage facilitates improved unit diagnostics
- Modular design (including front-access, lift-out air filters), provides easy access to components for cleaning and repairs

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