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PTHP Units

Friedrich’s PTHP’s- Your Energy Efficient Room Heating Solution

Friedrich’s PTHP unit is your one of the most energy efficient, sustainable and reliable friend for harsh winters. With the help of highly energy efficient heat pumps in PTHP units you can save up to four times energy as compared to conventional heaters. Friedrich’s PTHP’s are manufactured to perfection for providing ultimate cozy environment for you in the shortest duration and fight the harshest whether and that’s why along with the primary heat pump it is also fitted with a secondary heat strip so that whatever may be the temperature outside you always enjoy the luxury of cozy environment inside. These noiseless units serve you with ultimate efficiency while being ultra-light on your utility bills.

PTHP’s Promising Durability with High Efficiency

Friedrich’s PTHP’s are one of the most durable piece of equipment in the heating segment and come with non-corrosive coils so that you can enjoy the luxury year after year without worrying about service and maintenance. Galvanized zinc coated steel wall sleeve and steel base pan make these PTHP units more durable and stylish and keep them presentable. Room freeze protection feature of PTHP’s automatically maintains temperature whenever there is a temperature drop below 40*F in an unoccupied room. The PTHP’s are designed with the goal to provide you ultimate comfort from harsh climatic conditions inside the room and that’s why it not only provides warm atmosphere but also dehumidifies the room for added comfort whenever required. The PTHP units are designed to take auto sampling of the room temperature periodically and adjust the room temperature to the desired level automatically even if you are sleeping. Friedrich’s PTHP is your ideal partner for fulfilling your air conditioning and heating requirements.

Friedrich- Trusted Name in heating and air conditioning solutions

Friedrich is America’s one of the most trusted brand in providing air conditioning and room heating solutions. It has been giving its excellent services in the field of air conditioning since past six decades and getting stronger, advanced and innovative with every passing day. Friedrich a company founded more than a century ago in 1883 has always focused on innovating new products to make the life of users luxurious. A pioneer in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning Friedrich has enjoyed lion’s share in the air conditioning segment with its cutting edge technology and ground breaking innovation to provide highly energy efficient, durable, quality products to its users which can take care of your heating and cooling needs and provide you ultimate comforts without burning a hole in your pocket. This understanding of providing comfort while being sustainable and efficient has made Friedrich a household name.

HVAC Distribution- Fulfilling Your Heating and Air conditioning Requirements

HVAC Distribution is your local distributor catering to all your air conditioning and heating needs. We deal in Friedrich’s PTHP & PTAC’s and provide all the variants as per your specific needs. Serving you from past 15 years we have a structured setup for catering to all your requirements and whether you want a Gas based tankless water heater, a PTAC or a PTHP just call us on 1-800-471-7871 or drop us an email at service@hvacdistribution.com and our executive will get in touch with you for understanding your specific requirement and suggest a customized solution for that.