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Why PTAC Units?

A packaged terminal air conditioner, or PTAC unit, is the product of choice for heating and cooling individual living spaces like hotel rooms, senior living facilities, hospital rooms, apartment complexes and more. PTAC units are an efficient option, providing both heating and cooling from one unit. They are self-contained and commercial-grade, but can also be used for residential applications.

HVAC Distribution offers two types of units: PTAC air conditioners with electric heat and PTAC heat pumps. While both units provide heating and cooling, there are specific benefits to each type. Consider your application and the features that are most important to you.

PTAC Air Conditioner with Electric Heat

PTAC units with electric heat contain an additional heating element that runs on electricity. These units are typically quieter and have a longer lifespan. However, they are not as energy efficient.

PTAC Heat Pump

A heat pump can provide both heating and cooling by reversing the flow of refrigerant over the coils. This function will work until the outside temperature reaches approximately 40 degrees, at which time electric back up heat will kick on. Heat pumps are very energy efficient and are ideal for warmer climates.

Options to Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for a PTAC air conditioner with electric heat or PTAC heat pumps, HVAC Distribution can meet your needs. We offer a variety of models and sizes to fit nearly any project, as well as the accessories needed for installation. Click on a product category below for details and to purchase products.

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